Chef 's Signature Prawns Chilly

L J V 's Sorpotel / Sarapatel

Buff Roast

L J V 's Meatloaf 

Assorted Chocolate Box 18 pc

L J V 's Meatloaf 



Hope you are well.
Currently, we are taking orders for our Authentic Meatloaf, Beef roast, Pork Sorpotel, and ever famous chocolates by Ljv's Kitchen.
If you would like to book your order, please do read the details below to help you place your order with us, we usually take three days for orders, but if it is urgent get in touch with us, and we will try to deliver accordingly.

Details about our Meatloaf 

An authentic recipe, full of flavor.
All ingredients for our Meatloaf are personally selected and made at home.
Excellent quality Buff and Pork.
Meat is carefully hand-selected to ensure the best quality is used.
All-natural, free from preservatives, and color.
Overall Meat used, beef and pork. (Please note that if you want only beef, we can make it as well, but it needs to be mentioned at the time of placing the order.)
We aren't commercial, but homely and located in Bandra west, extremely tasty, and healthy.

How much does Chef's Signature Prawns Chilly cost?

*Chef's recommendation for all occasions*

2 Kg - ₹ 3200

1 Kg - ₹ 1800 

500 gms - ₹ 1000

How much does Sorpotel / Sarapatel cost?

*Both Goan and East Indian Sorpotel / Sarapatel available*

2 Kg - ₹ 2900

1 Kg - ₹ 1500

500 gms - ₹ 800(Pick up at Bandra at LJV's kitchen)

200 gms - ₹ 350(Pick up at Bandra at LJV's kitchen)

How much does Meatloaf cost?
2 Kg - ₹ 2900 
1 Kg - ₹ 1500 

500 gms - ₹ 800(Pick up at Bandra at LJV's kitchen) 
200 gms - ₹ 350(Pick up at Bandra at LJV's kitchen)

 How much does Buff Roast cost?

2 Kg - ₹ 2900

1 Kg - ₹ 1500

500 gms - ₹ 800(Pick up at Bandra at LJV's kitchen)

200 gms - ₹ 350(Pick up at Bandra at LJV's kitchen)


Assorted Chocolate Box 18 pc

Perfect for Gifting


Special discount of 13% on all products

*Valid till the 8th of September 2020

Payment details?
Once an order is received we will inform you of the cost for your order after calculation of the current offer discount of 13%.

We only prepare an order or reserve a batch after a full advance is received.
You can pay us via Google Pay to the following number: 9769651633

Once you send us a screenshot of the transfer, we begin crafting your order

Do you deliver or courier?
Yes, we arrange delivery and courier which is at an additional cost.
Currently due to the on and off lockdown situation delivery will be
attempted subject to restrictions by the police if any.
The delivery cost is as per the location.

How can we contact you?
Contact Us On What's app +91 976965 1633

live: leon.v_13

or fill the form below and you will be contacted soon.
Thank you

+91 97 69 65 1633

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